Download Demo Versions

Download the free Demo Version of the So Many Euros - Deluxe Edition (25 MB). In this demo version some country and coin pages are disabled. But you can try out all the features without any time restrictions. Please unzip the downloaded file and read the readme.txt file for further instructions.

Download Updates

You are already using the So Many Euros software? Here you will find all available updates.

* Attention * The update for the new version 4.5.1 / coin data 80 is available now. If you want to be informed when a new update is released, please subcribe to the

Download Help

Here you can download the English help file (1.9 MB), the German help file (0.9 MB) or the Spanish help file (2.3 MB) for the So Many Euros - Deluxe Edition.

Download Other Files

Here you can download the release notes or the PAD file for the So Many Euros -Deluxe Edition.